Consulting Services

Managing Information and Knowledge

The de Stricker consulting practice helps organizations manage information and knowledge to meet their goals.

We help answer the question
How much is it worth investing in good knowledge management?”

Bringing to bear decades of experience, we guide our clients through processes to identify opportunities or challenges and devise solutions:

  • We recommend strategies for an organization’s approach to knowledge development, sharing, and retention
  • We perform Information Audits to diagnose current practices and identify risks and opportunities for building competitive strength
    We investigate and develop the Business Case associated with investment in skills and tools to manage information and knowledge
  • We assess existing information repositories (intranets, libraries, databases, archives, etc) to determine their current use, usability, and potential transformation for business value
  • We review knowledge workers’ and project teams’ means and practices for sharing knowledge and lessons learned
  • We offer top notch qualifications and experience to help you maximize the business value of your organization’s information and knowledge resources.