English ↔ Danish

Ulla de Stricker helps clients look credible by providing them expert translations and quality control editing services. Her translation bureau clients and direct clients worldwide are delighted with her accurate, idiomatic, and style sensitive work in academic, technical, scientific, and business domains. See the full list here.

Marketing Materials

  • Websites
  • Product or service descriptions
  • Resumes (CVs)

Academic, Technical and Scientific Documents

  • Academic articles/dissertations
  • Scientific reports and documents
  • User manuals or instruction manuals

Business Documents

  • Corporate Documents (Work Processes, Policies, etc.)
  • Requests for Proposals, Bids, and Contracts
  • Client correspondence
  • Questionnaires

Language Pairs

  • English ↔ Danish
  • Proofreading and editing of text already translated into English or Danish from German or French

Contact and describe the nature of the material for which you need a translation.