Helping organizations and individuals produce effective and engaging written materials

The quality of the written material bearing our names is evidence of the quality in everything else we do.
~ Ulla de Stricker

Are you finding it a challenge to write that report, letter, announcement, message – or resume?
Could your existing document use an editorial upgrade?
Let me help ensure your written materials reflect well on you and your organization.

We take on your communication tasks with exceptional skills in articulating ideas, concepts, practices, and procedures:

We author the texts you need to be clear, powerful, and enticing:

  • Formal documents such as websites, brochures, presentations, corporate communications, proposals, manuals, and reports
  • Client oriented communications such as email responses to frequent queries, messages related to products and services, and newsletters

We craft the text you may find difficult to write due to specific circumstances.

We edit any material you may already possess – to make it grammatically correct, elegant, easy to read, and effective.

Contact ulla@destricker.com and provide details on what your organization is looking for.